Our Story

In short, we are not your typical stockist or beauty supply store…

Our premise is simple- the traditional beauty supply experience is both dismal and unsafe.

For natural hair textures (afro hair, curly hair, coily hair, kinky hair) and those with melanin-rich skin tones, the traditional beauty supply store has at most times been our only option. We frequent these shops out of necessity, with low expectations for service and can often expect little appreciation in return for our wellness and concerns. Not to mention, your experience is likely to include more clutter than clarity. Sound like a familiar experience?

It’s different with Nandi Nicole! We are a hair and beauty stockist that is proud to offer you only the best. You see, we think that as a retailer WE should care about the hair and beauty products we stock for YOU. We aim to turn the dismal shopping experience on its head by making your experience a transparent, inviting and uplifting beauty destination.


Because caring for your hair and beauty IS a form of self care, and with it we can provide you a safer, relatable environment. You see, we specialise in supplying only non-toxic hair and beauty brands. We partner with companies who have also taken up the charge in offering safe and naturally-derived hair and skin products for your needs. And by upholding this standard, we aim to create a higher standard to servicing beauty for the Afro-Carribean and multicultural communities.

If you enjoy shopping with us, please spread the word with your friends and family. We’re on a path to innovate and declutter your access to the best that hair and beauty has to offer. Join us as we grow to remove these barriers worldwide.

“Our traits are so diverse.

Our pain points are sometimes unique.

And for that, we are worthy of a trusted space.”

Ashley N. Broderick, Founder

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Nandi Nicole is a Barclays Eagle Labs supported company.